Intermediate Membership

The 7th at Sutton Green Golf Club

Sutton Green Golf Club Intermediate membership has the same playing rights as a 7 day member, and for the age group 18-34 years old. Annual fees vary depending on age, and take into account the great financial pressures this age group encounters.

Sutton Green GC has built a great reputation as a very friendly club, with new members readily integrated into competitions and social events. Intermediate members have found Sutton Green GC the perfect venue to both enjoy their golf and to receive value for money.

The course both challenges players for accuracy and power, and members have found this the perfect course to improve their game and reduce their golf handicap.

Golfing etiquette and rules are adhered to at Sutton Green GC, but members are able to enjoy the golfing atmosphere without the formal pressures which still exist at many golf clubs.

As an intermediate member Sutton Green GC will offer excellent golfing conditions at an affordable rate.

Intermediate membership at Sutton Green is open to those between 18 and 34 and costs from £400 per year. 

We also offer great rates if you wish to pay by Direct Debit.If you would like to spread the cost of membership we do offer direct debit with 'Golf Plus Direct'