Brass Balls 2011/12
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Group A Group B Group C Group D
Ade Sturt Eddie Wheeler Mick Funnell Paul Bocking
Tony Peters Nick Mace Jon Lloyd Jake Bocking
Mike Calvert Steve Moore Paul Burnham Danny Murray
Duncan Robertson Jon Cannan Ross Buchanan Neil Riley
Ian Kemish Craig Small Mick Mawson Ross Martin
Mark Smith Bill Ezzard Dennis Hussey Duncan McGregor
Andie Mudie Tony Wright Steve Brunskill Steve Henderson
Steve Hornby Kenny McGregor Barry Legge Tim Shoesmith
Results & Tables Results & Tables Results & Tables Results & Tables
At least 2 matches to be completed by 30th January 2012 -  all matches by 27th February
Handicaps: 3/8 Combined - Full Difference
Schedule: Quarter Finals Semi Final Final
by 26th March 2012 by 9th April 2012 22nd April 2012
Mike Calvert & Duncan Robertson
Tony Wright & Kenny McGregor Mike Calvert & Duncan Robertson
Paul Burnham & Ross Buchanan Paul Burnham & Ross Buchanan Paul Burnham & Ross Buchanan
Ross Martin & Duncan McGregor   Paul Burnham & Ross Buchanan
Craig Small & Bill Ezzard      
Andie Mudie & Steve Hornby Andie Mudie & Steve Hornby Steve Brunskill & Barry Legge
Steve Henderson & Tim Shoesmith Steve Brunskill & Barry Legge
Steve Brunskill & Barry Legge
Final: Sunday 22nd April 2012 Winners -  Paul Burnham & Ross Buchanan
Rules:  Brass Balls
The winners and runners up of each league will qualify for the quarter finals
Please record all results, both teams on the day of the match Bonus points will be calculated by the Organiser.
Any team who withdraws from the competition all their results will be null and void.
If the occasion arises where qualification could be achieved on the result of the last match of the league section
and one pairing cannot or will not arrange a convenient date then the aggrieved pair should contact the  
Organiser who will disqualify the offending team
The Competition Committee decision will be Final
Any team that has not played at least 2 matches by the 30th January 2012 will be withdrawn from the
competition and their results will become null and void
Extensions will only be given (due to inclement weather) to the Competition as a whole and not to individual
matches or leagues. Notice of any extensions will be published on noticeboard and website.
Disputes are to be resolved by competing teams and the Organiser should only be consulted as a last resort.
All league matches to be played by 27th February 2011.
Organiser: Steve Hornby